Virtually every religious and cultural tradition has a variety of spiritual gifts. The gift of Healing is a compelling and highly respected spiritual assignment. Medicine Men, Shaman, Healers, and many other titles are given to spiritual leaders with a gift from Healing’s deity.

Spiritual Gift Categories

In Christianity, spiritual gifts can be broken down into three general categories:

      • Gifts of Knowledge
      • Gifts of Speech
      • Gifts of Power

Gifts of Knowledge include word of knowledge, word of wisdom, and discernment of spirits. The gifts of speech include prophecy, speaking in tongues, and the interpretation of tongues. Healing falls under the gifts of Power, along with faith and miracles.

Gift of Healing

Christians believe that the Holy Spirit, the third entity of the Trinity, has the Power to bring upon supernatural Healing. This type of Healing is from God and is different from the gift of Healing bestowed upon believers.

While most sects of Christianity believe that all Believers are born with at least one spiritual gift, some groups do not subscribe to the belief that God ordains human beings with supernatural abilities or gifts.

Scriptural Evidence

There is plenty of biblical reference to spiritual Healing. There are instances in the New Testament, such as the reference in Matthew 10, of Jesus ordaining and ordering his disciples to perform healing tasks.

Exodus 23 and Jeremiah 30 are examples of God’s healing promise outlined in the Old Testament. The book of Matthew describes various healing events, including a chronology of times and places where Jesus himself performed healing miracles.

Types of Spiritual Healing

The gift of Healing is not limited to the physical body. Emotional and mental Healing is also possible through faith and acceptance of God’s ability to empower gifts upon Believers.

The laying can induce physical healing miracles on of hands, where a Believer is healed when someone with the gift of Healing touches their affliction. This could be anything from arthritis or migraine headaches to missing limbs or cancerous tumors.

Emotional and mental Healing may also come from the touch of someone who possesses the gift of Healing. Any gift of spiritual Healing can also be levied from a distance. In this case, someone with the gift simply prays for the Believer, who is healed if they accept the gift.