Todd Edwards is a senior executive at a software company and has over three decades of experience in bundling enterprise sales organizations. As the senior leader at BRIDE Ministries International and a close friend of Daniel Duval, Todd created his podcast. Todd Talks was developed from Todd Edward’s bi-weekly Saturday Bible Study. He discusses the Biblical truth that supports BRIDE Ministries’ revelation and teaching on the Kingdom of God and operating in the spirit. 

In Todd’s most recent episode of Encountering Zion, Todd discusses Isaiah 62. Topics include the latter rain and how we need to be obedient to manifest the presence of God, which happens as Yeshua is birthed through us. Listeners will receive revelation about how they can only go to the Father because Jesus is in them. It’s important to remember that this is not a study about Political Zionism, and the episode is meant to engage the hearts, souls, and spirits of those who listen. 

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