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For today’s teenagers, preparing the way forward to adult life can be a very serious challenge. Weighing up various career paths, juggling the responsibilities of high school, and filling out college or work applications can feel extremely confusing if not disheartening. There are no two ways about it: We expect an enormous amount from today’s teenagers; sadly, we don’t always provide young people with the means to meet those expectations.

A Program That Works

This is just one reason why the concept of teen ministry is so important in contemporary culture. At its best, a quality teen ministry program will allow young individuals who are just starting to develop their sense of moral reasoning towards the world to form and remind themselves of significant cultural and religious values. When we work together with our peers to achieve something greater than ourselves, we are better able to live up to the ideals that Christ sought to teach us about.

From Worldly Values to Spiritual Values

It is a remarkable achievement by any standard in today’s world. Too often, however, teenagers are burdened with both enormous amounts of stress and confusing messages: For instance, our culture of wall-to-wall entertainment invariably reinforces the notion to today’s teenagers that life should be easy and fun at all times. The thinking goes that if you release a hit album, cultivate millions of Instagram followers, or star in a big-budget movie; you will be on easy street for the rest of your life. Why should you work hard when pop stars make millions of dollars for barely putting forth any effort? At the very least, that is how this line of thinking tends to go.

Combatting a Culture of Entitlement

In a sense, today’s society arguably lacks a sense of humility at a macrocosmic level. The minds of teenagers are still developing; sadly, today’s youth often fall for the biggest lies that society peddles about entitlement culture. How does this fit with a Christian system of values? Jesus himself was anything but entitled: Having lived out his life in poverty, Christ understood that to do good in this world, we must put forward tremendous effort.

Christian youth groups and teen ministry programs are remarkable antidotes to a culture that tells us that virtuous behavior is for other people. Undoubtedly, focusing on important spiritual values in a group setting can help to cement those values in a young mind. In the long-term, these individuals will carry these values through their working and family lives. Let us forge a path towards a better society via such spiritually rewarding means!