Here at BRIDE, we place great importance on healing. Deliverance from our physical ailments is an incredible blessing from God. Although healing takes many forms, we believe that supernatural healing is the highest form. 


What is Healing? 


One form of healing is that of natural healing. This is the type of healing performed by doctors and other healthcare workers. We thank God for these talented individuals that He works through. We view them as tools that God has given us. He’s called up people to operate, develop medicine and procedures and use homeopathic remedies. Utilizing these tactics that God has provided us is crucial. We do not advocate that “Jesus is all you need” or encourage a reckless faith that denies the true components of natural health methodologies. After all, it is foolish to ignore the natural healing tools that God has lovingly provided in all HIs wisdom. 


However, there is a difference between natural healing and supernatural healing. Unlike natural healing, supernatural healing is straight from God. This type of healing is above natural healing remedies. 


God loves to heal His people, but in order for us to be healed, we need to have the proper mindset. However, we should not confuse the proper foundation with a lack of faith issue. Most of the time, the problem is a teaching issue or an incorrect way of thinking. 

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What Does the Proper Mindset Look Like?


Dan Duval uses a package metaphor. If you are waiting to receive a package from UPS at your door, but have not been given the proper instructions on how to open the door and get your package, it will remain outside on your doorstep. Sure, you may hear a knock at the door or your doorbell ring, but it isn’t that simple. You need to understand the mechanics of turning the doorknob, letting in the delivery person, and signing for the package. 


Receiving healing is similar to receiving a package. We can wait all day, but unless we understand how to open up and accept healing, we will never receive it. Do not beat yourself up if you have experienced trouble receiving supernatural healing. You can have a strong faith but still struggle. Sometimes, immediate healing is not part of God’s plan. Other times, you may not have the right mindset or be property equipped to receive the healing.