The metrics for rating student ministries are changing from drawing a crowd or large attendance. The focus nowadays is to help teens to experience their faith positively in a real, fun, warm, and welcoming environment. It is also connecting the teenagers with Godly adults to walk with them in the spiritual process.

Develop a Clear Mission, Vision, and Values

A clear mission statement will let volunteers determine the direction to head as a team. A vision statement reveals the way a destination will look. Clear values help the students to make proper decisions on reaching the final goal. People are competing with different commitments like gym, soccer, movies, and others. A clear mission and vision let people know why it is worth committing.

Motivate Them

Youth pastors must realize that discipleship and spiritual development starts from the heart. Motivating young people align their hearts with that of God, meaning they love and serve people. Youth pastors should provide students with opportunities to demonstrate compassion for the local community and inspire them to serve in church and ministries. Reggie Joiner asserts that giving students a chance to serve others in a ministry is the best way to stimulate faith. Creating opportunities for kids to serve empowers and gives them ownership of student ministry.

Create Spaces for Artist Creativity

Successful ministries are those that provide places for creativity by young people. They equip and encourage kids to create and produce in different areas. Music production, short films, art, poetry, graphic design and websites are some areas for youth pastors to get the attention of young artists in their youth groups.

Small Groups are Important

Successful student ministries believe in creating an environment that relates young people to trusted and committed adults. The strategy is to form a circle of 8-12 teens with a caring adult committed to informing them about faith and life. The small group can meet anywhere provided they connect with an adult. Student ministries should do everything to support adult volunteers.

Engage the Parents

The best student ministries engage highly with parents. The parents, in return, give support, love, and trust. A conversation with just 25% of the parents is a win.

Create Special Activities

Great student ministries have experience in throwing parties and fun activities that students love to attend. Fun convinces students that someone likes them. Their feeling of appreciation deepens and strengthens the relationship with the ministry.

A youth ministry should engage love, care, and honor senior pastors. It will reap the same.