Taking the time to have Bible study can be difficult with a busy schedule. Thanks in part to smartphones, that no longer remains an issue. When you are on the go, there are still ways to develop and build your relationship with God. The following are some of the best Bible study apps to help guide your relationship with God.

Perhaps the most downloaded app of all is the Bible from Life Church. This app allows its users to download the Bible in any of its many translations. It also provides a beautiful selection of plans to help users accomplish their reading. They also offer inspirational biblical verses that users can share through their social media accounts if they would like. This app has also created a similar tool to other social media platforms where they can follow one another and hold each other accountable in their studies.

For those looking for an app that allows users to listen to their Bible study, look no further. There is no need to worry about switching discs in and out to listen; now, you can download the Bible.IS app. Not only does this app read the chapters to users, but it also functions as a study tool. It allows users to bookmark where they have left off and even records notes for the listener. They also offer multiple translations to select from on the app.

Bible Gateway is another fantastic free app. It provides users with multiple translations and highlights passages, and bookmark chapters as they go along. There are study plans where users can monitor their reading progress as well. They also can keep notes on the app and share scriptures on social media directly from the app.

EBible is the perfect app that blends both social media and Bible study. In addition to regular Bible study, users can participate in a question and answer section. They can actively engage, share their answers, and inspirations with other users on the app. There are also other tools and modern translations that users can upgrade to if they like.