Smartphones have provided us with one of the most innovative tools of our time. We can access information anytime and anywhere, right at our very fingertips. Using this as a tool to draw closer to God is now entirely possible as many apps are available to do so. The following are just a few apps that are excellent resources for daily devotions.

YouVersion Bible

Carrying the Bible around daily can be difficult, but with the YouVersion Bible app, there is no need to worry about that anymore. This app instantly turns into your own personal Bible and allows for studying on the go. It features over 1,000 different versions of the Bible to accommodate any language. There is also a tool that will enable readers to bookmark their favorite verses, which is very resourceful for sharing daily devotions.

First 5

For those looking for an app to get their mornings started right, look no further. The First 5 app is an excellent way to get your mornings started right. This app helps people dedicate the first five minutes of their day to the Lord. It provides a more organized way to study the Bible and even provides users with some suggested scriptures to study each day.


Busy schedules can make it difficult to take the time to develop a closer relationship with God. For those who are constantly on the run, Stitcher is the perfect app to look into. This app provides religious podcasts to Christians all over the United States. There is a wide array of podcasts and even fun shows for users to tune into in their spare time. If one podcast isn’t exactly what you are looking for, there is sure to be something on Stitcher that is just right.

She Reads Truth

She Reads Truth is an app that is specifically dedicated to women of faith. This app doesn’t just provide daily devotions for its users, but it provides access for them to journal and leave real-time comments. The app creators pride themselves on being a central location for women to join hands together and lift one another and inspire each other. This interactive app is an excellent way to study.