With the coming of a new year, now is a great time to renew and reaffirm our commitment to living righteously and following God’s plan for us. Creating new spiritual habits isn’t always easy; however, the results on our sense of well-being can be genuinely life-changing. Here are just a few great ways to renew your relationship with God.

  1. Regularly Read Scripture

When we’re busy with all of life’s commitments, it is easy to forget about the power that regular scripture readings can have on our lives. As a daily activity, reading scripture serves several critical purposes in a person’s life: Firstly, scripture reminds us of God’s covenant with the world and our covenant to God. When we read scripture, we reaffirm our commitment to living life as God instructs us to do.

Secondly, reading scripture helps us to reconnect with our deepest values. It allows us to recenter our goals in life. Among many other very significant benefits, the practice of reading scripture helps us to become better spouses, better parents, better citizens, and better friends.

  1. Seek Repentance When Necessary

A significant part of God’s plan for human beings involves the repentance of sins. By nature, human beings make mistakes. Some of our mistakes are small; some of our mistakes can be very large. Some can require a somber reflection on our deepest values and deep humility. This is a natural part of the experience of being human.

Fortunately, God has created a provision that allows each of us to overcome even our most profound flaws. By repenting for our sins, we commit to living a better life and remind ourselves why we must strive to do good in this world. By repenting, we reaffirm our bond to God and our commitment to living like Jesus.

  1. Strive to Do Right Each Day

Undoubtedly, the most important thing that we can do to live according to God’s plan is to treat our fellow human beings with respect and compassion. This is perhaps the most essential value that the teachings of Christianity can impart. Jesus lived entirely by the principle of helping others.

To do right by our fellow human beings, we must first learn to empathize with their experiences truly. By doing so, we will live up to the highest calling that a human being can fulfill. The spiritual rewards of compassionate service can be truly immense; more importantly, these actions will enable us to live by the example of Jesus.