A new year is upon us, and with this particular time comes a unique opportunity to set new spiritual goals and reaffirm existing commitments to God. When we hit the spiritual reset button on New Year’s Day, so to speak, we will enable ourselves to reflect on where we can improve our behavior and what we’d like to change about ourselves over the next several months. Here are just a few great spiritual goals to set in 2021 and why they matter.

  1. Study Scripture More Often

While it is easy to put off reading scripture in this day and age, the practice can have many beneficial effects on a person’s life. In addition to reminding us about important moral values, regularly reading scripture can promote excellent time management and goal setting habits. In the new year, achieving the goal of reading more scripture can have an enormous effect on our personal and spiritual lives.

  1. Seek to Correct Sins

While no one should condemn themselves for making mistakes now and again, it is essential to realize that the concept of repentance exists within Christianity for a reason. To grow as a person, we must first recognize areas of life wherein we have committed a fault. Moreover, we must resolve not to make the same mistake again. When we learn from our mistakes, we are indeed able to grow as human beings. Repentance can aid in that process of personal growth.

  1. Seek to Be Less Judgmental

As God’s blessed but imperfect children, we are all liable to the moral error of judging others from time to time. Whether we like it or not, it is merely a part of human nature to judge people’s perceived flaws.

However, we should also seek to recognize when we are judgmental towards other people. Passing judgment feels good because it makes us feel superior. Morally, however, condemning the actions of others accomplishes nothing. It can do serious harm to the people around us. We should not cultivate this kind of negative behavior around ourselves; instead, we should understand other people. To be like Jesus, we must use our capacity for sympathy and empathy.

  1. Help More Within the Community

Without question, 2020 has been one of the most challenging years in American history. However, with unique challenges come unique opportunities: With so many people in need, now is a great time to resolve to help others within our communities. After all, there will undoubtedly be plenty of ways to help our fellow human beings in the new year. Whether we’re helping to feed the hungry or merely assisting an elderly neighbor with their grocery shopping, we should make helping others a big priority in 2021.