Spiritual warfare is an essential tool for anyone who feels under attack by a negative force. Religious followers typically engage in spiritual warfare to rebuke factors impacting their physical, financial, and spiritual lives. There are a few basic keys to successful spiritual warfare.

Belief in Spiritual Affairs

The first requirement for effective spiritual warfare is a belief in the supernatural. Prayer warriors believe in God and understand that the spirit world’s constant activity can impact human lives. Religious followers engaged in spiritual warfare may call upon the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, and messenger angels during their prayers.

Anchor Scripture

Spiritual warfare begins with a realization that an attack is present. A corresponding scripture helps believers pray accurately and with authority. Virtually every episode of spiritual warfare is based on an anchor scripture. The bible verse or other sacred scripture usually recalls a story similar to what is happening to the believer. Promises contained in the word of God are also necessary tools for spiritual warfare. Grounding scriptures must be kept close at all times during a spiritual battle. Believers should memorize these important scriptures whenever possible. At the very least, they should be posted throughout the home, office, or car, so they are always visible.

Active Resolve

The spiritual battle is happening in an unseen realm, but the physical body’s effects are felt. Believers engaged in spiritual warfare may discover changes in their physical, mental, and emotional health. They may become tired and exhausted during prayer time. Random distractions often threaten to dissuade the believer from regular prayers. Spiritual warfare may also result in feelings of being overwhelmed, depressed, insecure, and even aggressive. These situations are evidence of a spiritual battle and must be overcome by the believer. Foreknowledge of these events can help the believer prepare for a spiritual battle.


Praying through a spiritual battle is not easy. As the name implies, this is a war of sorts. Believers must be consistent with their prayers and maintain an unwavering faith. When things do not appear to change or seem to worsen, the believer must continue their diligent prayers and believe victory is just around the corner. Prayers, coupled with fasting and worship, have even more influence in spiritual warfare.