Bride Ministries offers dissociative identity disorder mentorship programs that use proven and highly effective teaching methods. The DID or dissociative identity mentorship program at Bride Ministries is designed to teach Christ-centered individuals to help those suffering from a dissociative identity disorder. Individuals will be taught how to confront the evil and darkness of DID and help bring healing, balance, and hope to these individuals through a deliverance ministry-focused approach.

The DID mentorship program at Bride Ministries is a highly sought-after training program for believers in Christ. They want to help people in their community and worldwide that suffer from the effects of dissociative identity disorder. It is an intensive one-year program that includes six months of working with volunteers who survived DID caused by traumatic experiences such as child abuse, being a cult member, and being the subject of government or medical experiments. The program includes guided discussions on required reading and graded papers, assignments, and quizzes through an easy-to-use online student portal. This ensures mentorship students are given prompt feedback and engagement from their instructors while they are studying.

Students in the DID mentorship program get lots of live instruction and guidance in addition to the asynchronous learning experience they get. Minister, public speaker, author, and podcast host Dan Duval hosts weekly online training sessions. Four one-week in-person training sessions are also required to be attended as part of the DID mentorship program. Guest appearances also provide mentorship students with real-world experiences, advice, and knowledge on confronting DID in all its forms.

The DID mentorship program helps students apply what they learn by assisting them to launch their counseling or therapy business. Those choosing a path in ministering can receive practice applying what they have learned during their DID mentorship in their ministry.

Being admitted into the Bride Ministries dissociative identity program is a selective process. Applicants must complete an application before they are granted an interview to determine if they are a good candidate for the program and have what it takes. Being given an interview does not guarantee acceptance into Bride Ministry’s DID mentorship program.

The cost of Bride Ministry’s year-long mentorship program is $7,500. It is non-refundable and includes the cost of the four live one-week training sessions and the room and board for the in-person training. Transportation to and from the live training programs is not included and will be up to the student.