Young leaders working on worship might believe that their methods are key in inspiring many. They can be, but worship leaders can often get misguided by not taking advice from others.

Young leaders should be taking advice from older worship leaders to continue to have a career for a long time. If you’re a young leader, make sure you pay attention to these lessons.


If you see a younger audience at a church, chances are they are connecting to church leaders through music. However, this audience can quickly disappear.

To ensure that younger people are more convinced to go to church, young leaders should work on their communication skills. Their communication skills should make it so that leaders can truly create connections with their church audience. Ensure that you learn communication skills if you’re a young worship leader.


Some young leaders get in the mindset that they need to be building a career for themselves. It’s pretty important to build a living for yourself, but young leaders need to make sure they are serving their local community at all times.

Without serving a community, young leaders can fall into many traps that can harm their position in their local community. Make sure you are working to spread a message instead of furthering your career as a young leader.


Older worship leaders can tell you that they haven’t had all of their knowledge for their entire life. Like any other profession, it’s important to be continually learning in worship.

To learn, young leaders should always be reading their religious material and talking to important leaders about what they have learned in the past. Growing your knowledge is crucial when becoming a leader for any industry, especially worship.


Some leaders take advantage of their local church by convincing followers to do something for them if they donate to their cause. This sets leaders and followers down a dark path of financial ruins and broken hearts.

Instead of giving false promises, young leaders should be focused entirely on the truths of worship. This means speaking out of religious material, not making something up that best suits them. Ensure that you aren’t giving false promises as a young worship leader.