Pull Quote 3

The first thing we need to understand about healing is that it is based on the character of God and the finished works of Jesus Christ. We need to understand the very character of God and what He desires for us.


Remember, there is a difference between “wet noodle” prayers that simply beg God for healing if it’s His will and prayers that recognize His promises and declare them into the atmosphere. We need to have the audacity to believe God is going to move or do something. Then, there is power behind the prayers we speak. But believing in God stems from knowing who He is and understanding His character. One method of learning more about the character of God is to study His names. 


He is Jehovah Rapha- the God who heals (Exodus 15:22-26)


Going through hard times and difficult places can lead us to complain. One way of overcoming this is by understanding more about the God we serve! Jesus is a healer. In fact, it’s such an integral part of His character that it’s impossible to encounter Jesus without learning about Him as a healer.


He is Jehovah Shammah – the God who is there (Ezekiel 48:35).


This characteristic is especially important for those who are recovering and healing from memories and brokenheartedness. We realize this aspect of God when we come to the truth and accept that Jesus has been there all along throughout our traumas and heartaches, even if we did not recognize Him at the time. 



We need to properly understand who God is before we receive provisions of healing from Him. Knowing who He is also helps us overcome any objections put in place by religious programming or faulty thinking. Many times, we have false views of God. We may view him as an accuser, enemy, or abuser. None of these are correct. He is not distant and uninterested. He wants us to be reconciled with Him. Remember, Jesus paid for our healing at the cross, along with our salvation and sanctification. When we understand the character of God, we create the right foundation for going to Him in prayer for healing. Having the right foundation and mindset leads to being able to better meet Him in our prayers. 


How do you view God? Could that be keeping you from reaching Him in prayer for healing?