Bride Ministries is a ministry that offers a year-long mentorship program that is formally known as the DID Coach Mentorship Program. The well-structured program offered by Bride Ministries allows students to learn more about Christ and the role of spirituality in their lives. The program helps students to develop their spiritual beings and to promote inner healing by fighting the darkness.

The Course

The DID Coach Mentorship Program teaches students through consistent and repetitive teaching patterns. Students of the program will complete weekly online courses with their mentor, Dan Duval. In-person conferences will be held four times throughout the mentorship program, with each conference lasting a week in duration. Several special guests will also provide valuable information to students during the program. The curriculum of the program also consists of several graded assignments and assessments.

The Community

There is a strong sense of community that is built during the DID Coach Mentorship Program. Students of the program will be a part of a ministry that is full of like-minded students. Volunteer survivors will also spend six months working with students out of the year-long program.

The Instructors

Daniel Duval leads the mentorship program that Bride Ministries offer. Daniel Duval will provide discipleship to students with the help of several assistants and guest speakers. Kendra McDonald is the official teacher’s assistant of the program, actively providing help for students when needed.

Daniel Duval has a broad background and has provided valuable information about Christ to masses worldwide through his podcast Discovering Truth with Dan Duval. Kendra McDonald began working with Bride Ministries in 2016 as a moderator for the ministry’s internet courses. Kendra McDonald was pivotal in the start of the mentorship program.

The mentorship program offered by Bride Ministries is devoted to helping people reach their goals and develop their faith through the process. The program immerses students with great coaches, support staff, interesting guests, and a community of like-minded students developing themselves through the program. If a student is interested in furthering their relationship with Christ, the Bride Ministries mentorship program is an excellent option.