When life becomes difficult, we should all be able to lean on our faith to get us through the harshest trials. What should we do, though, when we feel that we haven’t grown spiritually with God? He’s always with us, but we humans are often so distracted by our worries that we don’t know how to recognize His presence and the difference it makes in our lives.

While the process is different for everyone, some spiritual practices can help you feel closer to God. They’re not difficult, and they can make you feel braver when facing your problems. Here are three tips.

Keep A Prayer Journal

Some people struggle with prayer as an internal dialogue. It feels more real to them when they see their prayers (and later, God’s responses) written on paper. Find a journal and write to Him at the beginning of your day. You can write at the end of the day, too, reflecting on what you have learned about God and the blessings He sent you. Later, when more trials come your way, looking through your prayer journal will bring you comfort. He’s always with you.

Have A Prayer Partner

If you’re a new follower of a religion or if you want your prayers to feel more alive, praying with a buddy can help. The Bible does tell us to pray together. Pick a time of the day to contact one another, exchanging prayer requests and talking about what you’ve noticed God doing in your life. Sometimes, it takes a second person to spot the movements of God.

Read Spiritual Books

While the Bible is the most important spiritual book for a Christian, there are other great resources out there to help your faith grow regardless of your denomination. It’s important to not speed-read any of the material you pick up. Instead you should try and let the words you are reading sink in, and soon you’ll be more aware of His presence.

Being religious isn’t easy. Believing can be very hard. Practice these three things if you wish to grow in faith with God and live for Him.