We have seen troubled times in the past year. There is a sense of being lost in darkness; the Word of God is needed to give us the courage and a sense of direction. We need people who are willing to preach the Truth through this fog of fear.

One of the powerful voices of Truth available today is Bride Ministries’ podcast, Discovering Truth, hosted by Daniel Duval. This podcast focuses on helping listeners find the healing that they need in Christ. Delving into topics such as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and satanic ritual abuse, this podcast leaves no stone unturned in its mission to win the battle against darkness. Millions of listeners have found freedom in its message of hope and reminders of God’s love.

Daniel Duval’s journey began in 2011 with a series of guest appearances in podcasts and radio programs. The Lord prompted him in 2012 to start his podcast and tackle the subjects of conspiracy and shed light on end-times Bible prophecy. This light reached thousands of listeners, attracting people to the Truth they thirsted for.

Victims of Dissociative Identity Disorder due to satanic ritual abuse found solace in this podcast. A topic often considered taboo in churches, it is not usually taken on. Duval’s words gave hope to people who were lost in the darkness brought on by poor choices. The podcast also features testimonies exposing the Illuminati, interviewing people who have come close to this dark organization.

Discovering Truth’s mission is to spread the Word of God and build His kingdom on earth by growing Truth in the hearts of faithful listeners. The light of Jesus brings us healing; there is no wound that He cannot cure with His love. This is also a reflection of Bride Ministries’ mission.

With weekly Bible studies, testimonies, and group prayer, Discovering Truth leaves no room for darkness. Today, Daniel Duval has reached countless people, giving them hope. If you seek a place of light, listen to this podcast with an open heart and mind. It might hurt, at first, to hear the Truth preached so plainly—but soon, you will find healing in the presence of the Lord.