At Bride Ministries International, we believe that prayer is a fundamental part of the foundation of our faith. We have been blessed to see the power of prayer in action, and can witness as to how it changes lives and reveals the kingdom of God on this earth. 


Prayer is a great thing to integrate into our lives. The action is calming and meditative, and also connects us more deeply to the Holy Spirit. Prayer has the potential to change lives in ways that you may have never imagined possible. The best way to realize this is to try it for yourself, which is why we have plenty of resources, including pre written prayers, a team to pray for you, coaching, and more. 


Resources for Prayer

Our understanding of the importance of prayer has inspired us to create a large collection of written prayers. If you’re not sure how to start praying, these written prayers are easy to follow along and include a variety of different struggles we often encounter. You can find these prayers on our website here in both English and Spanish. Some of the topics include overcoming difficulties, salvation, finance, and healing. You can also find prayers for different times of the day.


If You Need Prayer

Sometimes we need extra help in prayer. If you are in a situation where you could use the assistance of more believers joining you in faith, we are here to serve and pray for you. At BRIDE, we have assembled teams of trained, seasoned intercessors who will pray over all requests sent to us over email. Each request is taken seriously, and a team will spend time praying over what you have requested. After the prayer, you will be notified by an email. You can learn more and submit a prayer request on our website.


Additional Help 

Prayer is a wonderful tool that God has blessed us with, but sometimes it serves as a springboard for a solution rather than an end in itself. If you have a severe and ongoing problem that you feel needs to be addressed in ways other than only prayer, you can book a session with one of our coaches. They will help you work through the problem. Our talented coaches are specially trained in strategic assistance and are happy to walk with you on your journey to recovery.