In July, BRIDE Ministries launched a self-deliverance portal, which is the first of its kind. The portal offers a myriad of advanced prayer resources that will direct users to assess the issues they are facing and offer prayers best suited to help their struggles.  

BRIDE Ministries self-deliverance portal is fully committed to providing strategic assistance to those that come out of highly traumatic backgrounds, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), government-sponsored mind control projects, and general occult exposure. We offer strategic assistance for your inner-healing and deliverance needs.

In the past, anyone looking for access to our resources had to read the prayers over themselves or book a session with one of our coaches. The deliverance portal was designed with user experience in mind! The portal provides anyone with an assessment to help determine their problem areas and lead to dedicated pages where Pastor Dan Duval will pray over your deliverance needs. 

What is the Deliverance Portal

The portal gives us a place for teaching and renewing the mind. It’s a place for both physical and inner healing and a place for ministry to the human spirit. The portal also allows for a place for deliverance, and when breakthroughs happen in the ministry, a need for deliverance often resides at the center of why. 

Deliverance brings about the following:

      • Greater peace
      • Freedom from addiction
      • Deprogramming
      • An ability to embrace God’s Truth
      • Better relationships with the people around you

How Does the Portal Work

The portal is accessible online and can be completed in three simple steps.

      1. Take the proprietary assessment
      2. Get custom prayer recommendations
      3. Receive deliverance through our prayers


We want our users to feel safe. When it comes to deliverance, there is always the chance that a bondage goes so deep, there may be adverse effects for trying to do self-deliverance. To go further with this portal, users must agree to hold BRIDE Ministries International harmless of anything negative that may result from pursuing self-deliverance irresponsibly. 

At BRIDE Ministries, we offer Coaches that can work with individuals when self-deliverance is not possible. Please visit the prayer page if you need further assistance.