Since 2018, Bride Ministries have held the twice-yearly Bride Tribe Conference. The purpose of this conference is to bring together those who take comfort in worship. Much of the convention is focused on the words of participants such as Daniel Duval. The conference will be led co-led by Christian Duval and Todd Edwards.

After the first worship gathering was extremely well embraced, this convention came to be after the very first worship gathering. Nothing more than a casual get-together has since grown into the high-profile convention it is today. People arrive worldwide to attend this conference, with the number of participants growing every year.

Bride Tribe 2022 is set for the long weekend of November 3rd to November 6th. This year’s conference will be at Texas’s Woodlands Resort and Convention Center. Attendees will participate in outside activities that include golf courses and tennis courts, biking, boating, and even a waterpark.

Convention attendees are treated to daily lunches and dinners and a luxury lodging experience. Registered guests of the convention enjoy three nights at the resort with all the comforts of home.

Attendees of the convention can expect to participate in worship services on all three days. There are nine sessions led by prestigious speakers and activities that bring the community together for a common goal. The convention also includes live performances by a worship band.

Everyone is made to feel welcome at this convention. Those in attendance will witness revelations that will help bring them closer to God. The conference offers ways for everyone to make a spiritual connection they may not have made otherwise. Attendees learn ways to bring God into everything they do at work, at home, and within the ministry and their families.

Every year, the people who attend this convention have formed a family with a common bond. One of the goals of Bride Tribe is to bring people together in a way that lets them support and care for each other.

The power of this convention is not to be underestimated. It can change the lives of those in attendance. This convention has proven to be the year’s highlight for a diverse group of people.