Bride Ministries International is a church family of those who believes in Christ, focusing on the gospel’s powerful, strategic, and cutting-edge teaching. Bride Ministries has firm roots that center on faith in Jesus and the Word of God, specializing in unlocking the realities of God’s kingdom. 

Those realities are revealed and unlocked when miracles manifest as those who are sick become healed, and those who are afflicted become delivered. Bride Ministries helps bring practicality to these miracles by giving men and women the tools they need to experience deliverance, spiritual welfare, discipleship, and inner healing.

One of the main commitments of Bride Ministries is to help assist those who have experienced highly traumatic events such as mind control projects sponsored by the government, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), and any occult exposure. The ministry helps to offer deliverance and inner healing to those people with negative experiences with trained coaches who have volunteered to be a part of Bride Ministries.

Every coach with Bride Ministries has an agreement to follow their code of ethics, and some coaches have their independent practices set up with select rates. Those in need of deliverance and healing can check with Bride Ministries any time for a session with a volunteer coach, and sessions can take place via Skype, Zoom, or over the phone with no need for travel.

Bride Ministries International cares so much about their community, and it shows with the wonderful network of trustworthy coaches they have put together for those in need. This ministry also understands that some people have financial situations that make it tough to receive helpful assistance from these coaches. 

For this reason, Bride Ministries have made it so that those with financial troubles can have the opportunity to receive ministry assistance for free. Bride Ministries provides an application on their website to sponsor eight free sessions with trained coaches in the ministry. Those whose applications are accepted will be able to attend these sessions when they are ready. There are several factors that Bride Ministries uses to determine if an applicant can be accepted to receive free coaching, and interested individuals can sign up to become a volunteer with this application as well.