Bride Ministries offers a three-day workshop that can transform your personal life in addition to improving your ministry. This intensive program will teach you how to restore wholeness in yourself and others despite the disconnected nature of today’s society. You will learn how to improve life experiences through this three-step process.

Technology Speeds Up the Process

Experienced instructor Daniel Duval has been giving 12-month mentorship programs to help ministers improve their skills. While these are highly effective programs, year-long seminars can feel a little overwhelming. Through online courses, Mr. Duval can streamline the educational process to help participants gain more knowledge and greater understanding in a shorter period of time.

Benefit From Individual Counseling

As soon as you sign up for a Deliverance Intensive program, you’ll have the ability to schedule individual counseling sessions. This gives you personalized attention from one of Bride Ministries’ mentorship coaches. Additionally, you’ll pay a discounted rate for the counseling sessions throughout the three-day weekend program. The three-day conference will help you achieve a breakthrough in your ministry deliverance with private counseling. This will help you learn how to inspire others, in addition to giving you greater focus and clarity.

Attend in Person or Online

How you attend the seminar is up to you. If you live in the Houston area, you can attend the seminar in person and meet with coaches in face-to-face sessions. If you’re not on the site, you can still participate in the program online and benefit from the full experience. You can also participate in several different seminars since each three-day event focuses on another aspect of healing and deliverance. You should be prepared to participate in each conference to get the most out of it. Every event is designed to be fully interactive for participants, whether they attend in person or join the online presentation.

If their intensive three-day workshop doesn’t appeal to you, visit the Bride Ministries websites to learn about more programs. You can find the ideal program to fulfill your needs while adhering to your schedule. By offering various programs, they hope to help people just like you improve their ministries one step at a time.