Reading the Bible in small groups provides the feeling of fellowship and a great way to learn from one another. Some Bible reading groups can be more like a strict Sunday School rather than an opportunity to engage with the Bible. These are some tips for creating an engaging and spiritually rewarding small group Bible study to aid in reading the Bible.

Interactive Activities on the Reading

While a small group Bible study does require reading, there is no reason not to make it fun and exciting. Participants can have a specific task to work on while doing their reading to help fix their attention. For example, this could include looking for an answer to a specific question, such as real-world application, a critical thinking question, or even figuring out how the passage connects to history. The pair-and-share technique can help people get past any nervous feelings by pairing off to talk about a discussion question before talking as a whole group.

Debating the Scripture

Multiple interpretations of biblical passages exist. Thus, there is plenty for people to debate while reading the Bible in a small group. Dealing with hard-to-read or controversial aspects of the Bible in a group setting allows people to hear different arguments and interpretations. Including people in a Bible study from varying churches gives a group even more diversity of perspectives. Challenging interpretations and opinions force people to think critically about their views and the scripture they read.

Media to Visualize Bible Reading

Groups can bring the words of the Bible to life by incorporating various media into the study group and reading the Bible directly. For many stories in the Bible, it is possible to find videos online that use the scriptures as dialogue. Seeing the stories come to life can help people understand difficult passages. It also prevents monotony in the group with constant reading. Beyond just short videos, there are movies and even songs that can provide clarity and inspire critical thought of the scripture. Groups could also create media based on their discussions, such as podcasts, to help other study groups.

Reading through the Bible can be an arduous but rewarding task. Studying the Bible in congress with others is a way to share the word of God while learning from one another. These tips can help any small group Bible study engage with the reading.