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About BRIDE Ministries

BRIDE Ministries International is a revolutionary, non-denominational, Christian Church that provides cutting edge teaching on the Kingdom of God, Inner Healing, Deliverance, and Spiritual Warfare, among dozens of other subjects. Through their incredibly popular podcast, Discovering Truth with Dan Duval, the BRIDE Ministries Institute, BRIDE Ministries Church, conferences, small groups, and prayer resources, they have become forerunners in developing solutions for survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Government-Sponsored Mind Control Agendas.

Before becoming the innovative, international organization it is today, BRIDE Ministries began as a small newsletter published by Dan Duval. In 2010, Dan Duval released his first book, Noah’s Ark and the End of Days, and he launched the first rendition of the ministry’s website. In 2012, Dan Duval created an online podcast—Discovering Truth with Dan Duval—that ventured where few other spiritual, Christian-based podcasts had gone before. With millions of listens, it has been in the Top 10 podcasts in its category on the U.S. iTunes chart and in the Top 5 for listeners in Canada along with many other nations.

Realizing he had tapped into something special and was reaching people who felt otherwise ostracized by the Christian community, Dan officially launched BRIDE Ministries Church, originally named The Fire Place Church, in 2016. They swiftly launched an Online Bible Study and began offering coaching scholarships to survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Government-Sponsored Mind Control. Within a few short years, the church has grown significantly, with roughly 600 attendees tuning into their innovative online Sunday services, bible study sessions, and prayer groups. BRIDE Ministries is firmly rooted in the Word of God and their faith in Jesus Christ. Above all, they seek:

  • To educate people regarding the truth of the kingdom of darkness and create tools to allow those escaping it to get out;
  • To equip believers with effective strategies and paradigms to confront the kingdom of darkness with the power of the Kingdom of God, and;
  • To offer a platform for community development, equipping, and empowerment centered on the word of God.
  • To promote unity in the body of Christ by demonstrating the pursuit of the belief system of Jesus

For the last four years, BRIDE Ministries has been helping survivors and followers of Jesus Christ find strategic equipping, powerful teaching, and cutting-edge revelation. In 2018, they expanded their services in an effort to help more people with the launch of the BRIDE Ministries Institute: a revolutionary, online education platform that offers over 90 hours of teaching on subjects related to the bible. Completely self-directed, the program offers 11 courses, each with 8-12 lessons per course and helps people focus on the true definition of grace, understand what it means to be found in Christ and the Kingdom of God, and learn appropriate and applicable prayer strategies and execute spiritual warfare with effective results.

In July of 2020, BRIDE Ministries will expand their reach even further with the launch of a self-deliverance portal—the first of its kind. Offering a myriad of advanced prayer resources, the site will direct users to take an assessment to determine the issues they face and then offer prayers best suited to their struggles. The portal will also allow users to set up meetings with Dan Duval and other BRIDE Ministries Coaches so they can receive personalized prayer, ministry, and guidance.

To learn more about BRIDE Ministries, their beliefs, and how they can help you, please read their blog.